Should Elite Football be Suspended?

With the Premier League seeing a record number of coronavirus cases, fixtures being cancelled and several of the weekends FA Cup matches in doubt, should elite football be suspended?

The Premier League have announced more than 40 new coronavirus cases amongst players and staff. Several Football League clubs have also reported cases and many clubs are unable to train after closing down their training facilities. Players such as Jack Grealish, Sergio Reguillon and Manuel Lanzini, amongst others, have all been found guilty of flouting the rules recently. There are also unconfirmed reports that Kyle Walker recently held a party at which at least 19 footballers were in attendance. If players continue to break rules and cases continue to rise, then the chances of elite football continuing must surely be dwindling with every passing moment.

As football fans, we all know that being able to watch football is good for our mental health. Burnley manager Sean Dyche has said that he believes footballers should be vaccinated as a matter of urgency so that football can continue and money can be saved on testing. On the flip side, there have been calls for the season to be made null and void.

What are your thoughts? Join in the conversation and let us know.

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  1. As a football fan I agree that it is important for your mental health to watch football and look forward to your teams games, but realistically I can see that a fire break might do the trick close it down completely for 4 weeks during the first 2 weeks deep clean training facilities, then 2 weeks training before matches can resume.

    On the other hand playing games is important for smaller clubs too, with loss of income at least they can get at least some back from ifollow

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