Euro 2020/21 Predictions league ANNOUCEMENT

The long awaited European Championships get under way in just over 2 weeks time when Turkey take on Italy in Rome on Friday 11th June at 2000 hrs BST.

For this tournament we have teamed up with Surprise Shirts who are Providing a 1st prize of three months shirt subscription and a 2nd prize of a Surprise shirt.  A 3rd prize of a surprise shirt is also offered by me.

Suprise shirts was the brainchild of then 16 year old Louis Jones from Lincolnshire who’s business management teacher told him that a surprise shirt business would be a non-starter. With this knowledge Louis has gone from strength to strength and is now sending shirts around the world from around the world. Surprise Shirts is offering something that other similar companies can not compete. Shirts from teams you have probably never heard of before. They also come with a personalised card giving a short history of the team, you can also make certain specifications on what you could get. So if you are a Norwich fan you might stipulate not under no circumstances can you shirt be a certain shade of blue.

“We aim to provide the best quality Mystery Football Shirt Boxes around, and we hand pick all shirts that go into our boxes. Each shirt is tailored to your wants and needs, and we only select shirts that we’d be happy to receive ourselves.”

Surprise Shirts has become a real family run business and is highly recommended, I have seen nothing but praise for the quality and selection that customers receive. They will also be running a sweepstake with any orders received, so if you can’t wait to see if you can win one via the Predictions League then head on over to their site here you can also follow them on twitter https://twitter.com/SurpriseShirts and other popular social media accounts.

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