Euro 2020 Prediction League Winners

Well now that last nights result has sunk in, Congratulations to Italy for winning on penalties (such a cruel way to lose).

But down to the real competition The Euro 2020 Predictions League in association with Surprise Shirts our main sponsor for this competition. If you are not already subscribing or following them on all aspects of Social Media then do it as you won’t be disapointed.

The winner of our League is Brackley Boy who wins a 3 month subscription to Surprise Shirts

Runner Up was Slyblue57 who wins a Surprise Shirt

and in 3rd place was Gibson2102 who also wins a Surprise Shirt

Don’t worry if you didn’t win all remaining players in this prediction league will be entered into a draw using the position you finished as your draw number which will be done later today with the winner receiving a £10 amazon UK gift voucher.

I hope you will join us again for our 2021/2022 prediction league starting in August, please keep your eyes out for price announcements in the coming weeks before the season kicks off on 6th August 2021 when AFC Bournemouth take on West Bromich Albion.


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